Versace Home II - Ornamental splendour

Versace introduce its second Wallpaper collection: a meeting of heritage and innovation that defines the world of Versace. Detail, bold colour and elegance are the main characteristics of five different themes that make the Versace home more complete than ever before.


La Coupe des Dieux
The signature print of the Versace Home 2015 collection, La Coupe des Dieux is the perfect mix of tradition and modernity. Architectural drawings of the famous Versace Palazzo in Via Gesù, Milano, are contrasted with Barocco prints, creating an entirely new take on neo-classicism that can only be the work of Versace.

A rich and sumptuous creation, with golden curlicues repeated as an all-over pattern. The new Pompei pattern echoes the mythology of ancient Rome, evoking the opulence of the magnificent villas of Pompei. The pattern is meticulously detailed, with its acanthus leaves alternating in different sizes, resulting in an endlessly fascinating and elegant whole.

A new print that echoes the iconic floral prints found in the archives of Versace. Elegant and distinct, the tone-in-tone jungle leaves alternate like delicate flashes in an exquisite satin mix, creating a unique and individual allure.

Straight from the Versace catwalk comes #GREEK, an iconic new play on the classic Versace Greek key. Emojis of positivity are placed within the deconstructed graphic lines of the Greek key, presenting a new vision of Versace in the 21st century. From fashion show to the home, #GREEK makes a bold and playful statement.

Baroque and Roll
One of the key emblems of Versace, baroque swirls captivate in yellow and gold against deep black to create this provocative and passionate pattern.